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Safety Control Panels for Home Depot Store Fixtures

     From 2002 until 2009 under the name BoldStar, we manufactured control boxes for pipe threaders, panel saws, radial arm saws and their dust collection systems installed at Home Depot stores. All of the control boxes produced during that time are out of support. Although we cannot provide technical help, replacement parts and troubleshooting manuals are still available.

If you are in need of a new replacement panel, contact us for a quote.


Downloads for manuals, parts lists and repair bulletins provided below:

Master Manual for for troubleshooting all control panels

Radial Arm Saw control panel parts list and reference

Pipe Threader/Panel Saw control panel parts list and reference

Rope Burner control panel parts list and reference

Reference for configuring the Start Stop switch contractors

Reference for installing the updated motor starters

Reference for setting the updated timer relays.

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